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Broadcast your program on the Praise House Webcast Network

30 Minute Broadcast (4 Shows) – $79.00 per month

60 Minute Broadcast (4 Shows)-$150.00 per month

Audio Production

Audio Editing – We provide audio editing services to help you sound more professional.  Whether you have a podcast, interview, audio book, presentation, etc., we can enhance your recording to make you sound better!

        • Cut out unwanted words and sounds like when a speaker says “um…” or “uh…”, coughs, beeps, etc.
        • Remove unwanted silence in the beginning, end, or anywhere in between
        • Remove parts of a conversation, such as unwanted words, sentences, or even whole topics
        • Add music to your recording, such as an introduction and closing fade-in/fade-out, or low background music behind the person speaking
        • Boost the volume of one or more speakers so they’re easier to hear
        • Remove noise from the recording, like buzzing/humming sounds that go throughout the recording
        • For a really basic edit such as cutting off unwanted silence or noise at the beginning and/or end of a recording and mixing in music, usually it’ll only take about 30 minutes to an hour.
        • More extensive edit, where we go through the entire recording and cut out uh’s and um’s and other unwanted noises, or if we need to cut out sections, splice things together, etc., it’s going to take a lot longer.  That type of editing is very tedious and time consuming, so allow about 4-6 hours of editing time for each hour of recording you have.

Professional Voice Talent  – TV and radio commercials, TV and radio imaging, narration, corporate videos, websites, presentations, phone systems, on hold, real estate tours/shows and podcasts. Fully produced and ready to air.

Flat Fee for only $175.00